Why you should invest in your own logo printed workwear

Is personalised workwear worth the investment? At Upstream, we definitely think it is.

Whether you want to cultivate a positive working environment, or promote your brand whilst on the go, personalised branded workwear is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve come up with five reasons as to why we think creating a custom branded uniform is an excellent use of your time and your money.


First impressions matter, and if a potential customer is greeted by a high quality, professionally branded uniform, it can help to create a polished outward appearance that reflects upon the quality and reliability of your services and/or products.

And why not use your employees? As one of your biggest assets, they are part responsible for how your company image is recognised by the public. Branded workwear can help create a smart and professional image of both your staff and company, as well as help you stand out from the crowd and attract new customers.

Builds brand awareness

When investing in your uniform, you are making a conscious decision to take ultimate control of your branding.

This is why branded workwear is a compelling choice for any company looking to boost their brand awareness and visibility. Printed uniform serves as a visual reminder of your brand and offers the opportunity to be seen by many inside and outside of the workplace.

A good quality branded jacket provides the perfect excuse to advertise and promote your brand without even thinking about it. Over time, the ongoing exposure to your future customers will inevitably drive interest to your business, which will lead to more sales, more leads, and a positive ROI.

Health and safety

For some industries, being clearly identifiable by customers and other members of staff is vital. Branded workwear allows employees to be visually recognised and therefore quickly found when needed, especially if working on site.

It also makes staff more approachable and inviting for customers as it offers reassurance and peace of mind they are talking to the right person. With your logo present on their garments, your employees are more visible and easier to contact.

Great for commutes and meetings

Providing your staff with high quality and comfortable branded jackets is a great way to set up your employees for cold morning commutes and meetings outside of the office. Not only does it ensure they are warm, but it also means they are dressed smart and on brand at all times.

There is also a big element of professionalism involved with providing your work force with uniform, especially if you have a large business. There is no better way of showing your staff you care about them than by investing in quality workwear for them to feel comfortable in, no matter where they are. 

Pride and Unity

If your employees feel and look great, it not only cultivates a positive working environment, but also gives your employees a sense of pride whilst working. Wearing branded uniform can also indirectly help employees maintain a positive attitude and a good work ethic, as they are aware that they are physically representing the company too.

No matter how big your business is, wearing the business logo allows every staff member to be continually aware of who they work for, and serves a visual reminder to the same collective goals and vision of the business.

If you would like to find out more about our workwear and branded offering, head to our website: www.upstreamworkplace.com or download our brochure today.


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