With our vast cross-sector knowledge and insight, you can be sure we understand the challenges you face in equipping your organisation with the products and services you need. Our deep industry experience includes the following areas.


We’re proud to work with several leading construction companies, ensuring they receive the depth and breadth of product range they need for their offices and projects to run smoothly. From PPE and workwear, to facilities and office supplies, our supply chain guarantees that sites operate safely and efficiently, whilst office-based teams have all the equipment and resources on hand to support your business.


Our teams have a wealth of experience of working directly with the NHS Supply Chain team. That’s as well as supplying some of the largest healthcare service providers to the UK. Small wonder we were instrumental throughout 2020 and 2021 in supporting major healthcare specialists in the expansion and development of CV-19 test processing sites. It’s an achievement we are immensely proud of.


Some of the most prestigious hotels and hotel chains in the world rely on us to provide them with a hugely diverse range of products. From branded merchandising and uniforms to colleague care, office products and furniture, we deliver everything to the same exacting level of efficiency. We also work with these customers to manage their non-core purchasing needs, sourcing products globally to meet their needs.


The retail world is fast moving. And it takes a special kind of supplier to keep the tills ringing for this sector. For years we’ve worked alongside leading high street names to ensure their operations are equipped with the products they need to run without a hitch. Ranges include technology, office, catering facilities, furniture, retail and technology supplies. And, more recently, we’ve been supporting big brand retailers to keep them CV-19 secure.


We understand the needs of companies operating in today’s technology sector. And we work closely with key people in these organisations, supplying the products and support they demand to foster innovation and build winning brands.  Helping businesses to cope with vertical growth brings its own challenges, and we relish such opportunities as we gear-up our personalised solutions to enable them to grow with the confidence their supply chain can keep pace.


We work with several clients at the forefront of the transportation sectors, including aviation, manufacturing, vehicle leasing, vehicle maintenance and repair, and distribution specialists. Our customers often need to hit moving targets, so our ultra-flexible approach and bespoke solutions are tailored to meet the individual demands of each project. Whether it’s airside, landside or kerbside, our team works non-stop to keep our customers’ businesses in motion.

Manufacturing & Industrial

With a wealth of real-world experience to our credit, few in our field have the know-how to handle the largest and most challenging organisations in this sector. Providing JIT product solutions to critical environments, managing outsourced ‘tail’ purchasing demands and leveraging our supply chain to source and deliver when all others fail, our customers rely on us to streamline purchasing processes and save them time and money every day.

Customer Feedback – The Acid Test

Listening to what we have to say about ourselves is all well and good. But hearing what our customers have to say about us is so much more meaningful. So here are just a few testimonials covering each of these sectors plus a few extra. We hope they inspire you to discover more about how we can help you to excel.

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