New look. New name. Same big vision.

“The same company, but with a bigger vision and a brand that fully represents what we do.”

From today you’ll notice that we are no longer called OfficeScape. Over the last few months, we have made the executive decision to start trading under our parent company name, Upstream, for a number of reasons. This has involved a complete brand refresh for us and a new attitude to the way we do business. In this post we’re really excited to share these updates, and also we want to share the rationale behind our decision and how this will benefit you.

Why we’ve changed

OfficeScape is founded on a vision to provide workplace products to businesses through excellent service levels and significant cost savings. However, when we started, we weren’t aware of the scale of the organisation we would become. Thanks to the loyalty of our customer base over the last 10 years, we have been able to successfully develop OfficeScape into a trusted and well-established brand.

9 years on, we’re driven by same vision, but as a result of a surge in growth over the past year we have been able to widen our expertise across multiple product sectors such as workwear, print, interior and technology services. And as we are all learning to adapt to a ‘New Normal’ due to the dramatic changes going on in the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we play a key role in helping our customers get back to work safely, doing this through our ability to source PPE products quickly and efficiently across the globe. As our business is growing, so are our customers’ requirements, and all of these factors have meant we have now outgrown the ‘Office’ in OfficeScape.

For that reason, we believe our current branding of ‘OfficeScape’ no longer reflects who we are as a business and have taken the careful consideration to start trading under a new, and more relevant name. Our new name better reflects our inclusive range of workplace product and service categories available to you. But no need to panic – we are still the same company, same people, and same service. Nothing will be changing except our name and look.

A new look and feel

Our brand has been revitalized to ensure our visual identity matches our vision in everything we do. The new website, name change, and logo refresh have been closely aligned to our purpose which will enable us to further grow and expand over the next five years, whilst continuing to provide an exceptional service to our customers. A key part of this rebrand is our new website, which has had a make over to highlight our product category divisions and proudly display our new brand. We have also worked tirelessly on improving our Upstream Superstore, making it visually appealing for our customers and easier to navigate round – showing our consistent dedication to our customers. We are also excited to share with you we will be launching a new online store as part of UpstreamTech – a completely dedicated technology hub for those looking to purchase the latest products at the very best prices. We are very excited to show you this so be sure to look out for our go live date!

Making Workplaces Work

Our ethos has always and will always stay the same – providing unbeatable service levels to all of our customers. We do this through multiple ways, but we really do believe our account management team is what differentiates us from our competitors.

We are a purpose-driven company, and we believe this is how we continue to do what we do – driving strong customer and stakeholder relationships.

The rebrand allows us to communicate this better and to better support what we do. We have created an appealing and professional look that in time people will become synonymous with Upstream. This, along with clearer messaging, will help us reach out and connect with more people to let them know of the breadth of products we do offer. We are more than a stationery company and have been for many years – and now we have finally aligned our brand with who we are as a business and are focused on providing everything you need in the workplace. We make workplaces work, no matter where your ‘office’ may be.

Moving forward

Whilst these are important changes for the business and the progressive pathway that we want to follow, we can assure you that the service you receive, the products that you buy and the pricing you pay will not be affected in any way. If anything, we are expecting to expand our team over the next few months and with this we predict even higher service levels offered and product range enhancement.

We appreciate all your business with OfficeScape and look forward to continuing to support you and your team under the Upstream brand name. Today is a big step forward for us, and we are extremely excited to share this with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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