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We specialise in analysing, consolidating and managing our customers’ ‘long tail’ of low value purchases and suppliers that make up 20% of purchasing spend and 80% of suppliers.

In procurement, the ‘long tail’ is any spend not methodically managed. 80% of purchasing spend is covered by just 20% of suppliers, whilst the remaining 20% forms a long tail of suppliers with ever-smaller budgets and little control over pricing structure. We help manage this hard-to-control tail and deliver savings of 15% on your deliverables.

Reducing Costs, Improving Service

We pride ourselves on the significant benefits we bring when we manage your long tail spend. Reduce product and processing costs, enhanced transparency and visibility, shorter lead times, improved compliance and impressive tail supplier service levels. Taken as a whole, it helps to give you the competitive edge.

Reduce spend

We manage your long tail supply chain, reducing purchase costs at every level

Reduce Cost

We reduce the number of transactions and related procurement costs, making it easier and quicker than ever before for you to manage the tail

Improve Metrics

Thanks to our support you can look forward to improvements in service levels, KPIs, compliance, credit term optimisation and user experience


Our scheduled reporting gives you a helicopter view of your long tail spend and supplier profile, so you can make clear decisions throughout a complex and challenging process

Long Tail Spend Management With A High IQ

Our specialist team will co-ordinate your long tail spend to deliver significant, quantifiable advantages for your business. Better still, such advantages will form the foundations for further improvements and gains. Streamlining your buying process whilst reducing costs and driving up service levels, we manage all communication paths to your suppliers and internal users. The result? A painless implementation that brings long-term value to your operation.

The Purchasing Team That’s Not On Your Payroll

Our team of specialists will work on your behalf to source those tail end products that make up 80% of your overall purchases yet just 20% of your spend. Liaising closely with our expansive supply chain, we’ll source and deliver the products your business needs. And we’ll manage the vendors that supply them, so you can look forward to lower costs and better service than ever before.

Taming Your Tail Spend

Our expert team are ready and waiting to help you compile a watertight strategy to manage your long tail purchasing, driving up your service levels and driving down your costs.

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